„Nothing is more powerful, than an idea, whose time has come.“
Victor Hugo

Agile Excellence

Agile Excellence

Active. Productive. Innovative.

Agile Excellence by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS – Transforming Agility @ High Performance Level. Thrilling the Customer: Extreme Progress, Amazing Solutions. The development towards an agile organization with agile teams ensures future viability:

  • Releasing the Creativity of your Teams
  • Bypassing Competition with innovative solutions


VUCA World wants VUCA Leadership


Our global digital world is characterized by

  • Volatility
  • Uncertainty
  • Complexity
  • Ambiguity


Leadership therefore should be characterized by

  • Vision
  • Understanding
  • Clarity
  • Agility

Todays requirements are: quick response times, maximum stability, strong and trustful relationships, risk and error management, transparency and networking. With this background, todays leadership mission is a transformational one.

What does that mean? The fundament for successful leadership in a VUCA-World

  • Vision – a shared vision which is worth striving for
  • Understanding – for each other & listening to understand in the sense of Theory U
  • Clarity – internally & externally, combined with transparency in communication
  • Agility – in mindset, behaviour and actions

Stiff structures and separated silos have outlived themselves. Organisations today do function differently. Leaders no longer are the centre of know-how for their teams. They can and may utilize their network for the creation of value. The benefit: they relieve themselves and motivate their teams and network-partners, as being in demand strengthens self-confidence, self-assurance and engagement.

At the same time the organisation is required to aim for transparency and knowledge-sharing. Only by that it is possible to manage complexity and secure future viability. Employer branding, employee satisfaction and success are substantially determined by these factors.

And not only the organization wins by networking and transparency, but every individual: sharing competency and knowledge is fancy, makes us sympathetic and interesting. Both fosters a positive professional development.

The Future of Work is agile. How agile are you?

Your Business is at the TOP – today & tomorrow

You are already at the top of the notch in your industry. However, your customers want to be flabbergasted. And this now, fast. But where should the new ideas come from?

The answer is: Agile Transformation. Agile methods drive to solutions, bringing the creative power of your team to the absolute. The power of your team elevates you to the top of your industry.

Quick, friendly, inspiring, on a face to face level: this is how your customers want to cooperate with you! They purchase there where their dreams come true, where values are lived and lifestyle is recognized. Make your company transparent, get close to your customer. Your employee’s are waiting for it!

Share Responsibility – Let Dynamic win

There are very many of Agile Working Concepts out there, just to name one of them: SCRUM. It’s a master piece of demonstrating Speed, Adaptation, Dynamic, Flexibility, Trust, Networking and Self-Organization.

Sharing responsibility is key – more bottom up vs. Top down approach. In the agile world teams determine the task and take responsibility leading them on their own. Motivation & Engagement are a result. This is to not to be neglected! Teams want to perform successfully, this is a human motivator:  Once you have freedom to perform, you will give your best!!

In this context as well, as a leader you are permanently in the spotlight and are observed like a star by paparazzi: In your organizational function and also as a person with your individual charisma and appeal.

In parallel, you have multiple functional, strategic and personal challenges to cope with. In times of permanent change, the development of trend-setting visions is part of it as well as convincing communication of targets, significance and benefits and also the serene and motivating leadership through change situations.

Management is history. Todays need is Agile Leadership Excellence

As a leader you have to shine like a lighthouse and at all times have to think & act agile: like a role model. Leader = Lighthouse.

Agile Mindset

It´all about Mindset: Purpose - Transparency - Empowerment - Experimentation - Networks & Collaboration

Agile working drives change. Flat hierarchy, the role of leadership is changing. Its more about methods and techniques. Its about consequently changing the mindset, even changing the company culture. At the end, employees must find a reasonable way to their ever changing responsibility.

Topics are

  • Agile Leadership: Mindset - Models - Methodologies
  • Customer focus based on the organizational background
  • Leadership culture and its principles in an agile environment
  • SCRUM – the agile project management framework
  • KANBAN – the agile lean production method
  • Design Thinking – the agile innovation methodology
  • Alternatives to the traditional career – Experts Career
  • Personality development, self-management, communication- and conflict culture
  • Role modeling, agreement on how to cooperate
  • Introducing a culture of step by step innovation and conscious problem solving
Agile Fluency Modell

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