Alexandra Hermes

Alexandra Hermes

Executive Coach, Change Facilitator, Moderatorin

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Alexandra Hermes works as an executive coach, consultant, moderator, process facilitator in change and sparring partner for extraordinary projects. She combines many years of experience in science & business with various models & methods. Her special interest: Thinking far outside the box and developing new solutions.

Supporting people to develop their full potential; that is Alexandra Hermes' passion. Her special hobbyhorse are conceptual models & tools. She combines a high degree of structure with a lot of creativity. In her work, she emphasizes strategic thinking, coupled with a positive mindset & agile values to enable sustainable growth & future viability.

In change, she supports leaders and teams open to change in all key processes: Goal setting, strategy development, conceptual design, organizational change. Starting with identifying old structures & thinking patterns, generating significant insights, developing & testing new behaviors.

In coaching & process support she helps people to find their course clearly even under great uncertainties and to see early first results. In large, established companies, she accompanies first movers and early adopters in all topics related to change. From digital transformation to new work to forward-looking initiatives, she not only achieves tangible results with her clients, but also helps them focus on the essentials while expanding their scope for action.

Alexandra Hermes worked for many years in one of Germany's largest publishing houses and supported companies in digital and organizational restructuring projects as a freelance consultant and project manager.

From many years of experience, she has expertise, tools and best practices from project management, agile leadership, design thinking and workshop facilitation. She completed her training as a certified coach at the Aurum Cordis Institute and training as a mediator at the Akademie von Hertel in Hamburg.

Alexandra Hermes studied business administration and logistics at the University of Hamburg. These experiences have strongly influenced her analytical and methodical thinking and correspond to her gift for quickly grasping complex issues. In addition, she has now spent many years working with high sensitivity and has special coaching expertise in this area.

Her experience in high-performance sports also gives her a holistic and very direct approach to goal setting, goal achievement, positive handling of challenges, potential development and team spirit.


  • Change Facilitation
  • Executive Coaching
  • Coaching for High-Sensitives
  • Sparringpartner for Special Projects
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Motivation & High Performance
  • Emotional Performance Management
  • Individual Development
  • Organizational Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Team Development
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • English, German
Alexandra Hermes

"Ships in harbor are safe; but that´s not what ships are built for.“

- John A. Shedd / Grace Murray Hopper -

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