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Game-based assessments are a more engaging and immersive alternative to traditional psychometric tests. Candidates complete a series of ‘levels’ that capture data points (in our case, up to 12,000!) without the process feeling like a high-pressure test situation.

Our assessments are grounded in validated psychological models of intelligence, personality and cognitive neuroscience. They use real behaviours to create a psychometric profile. We follow strict standards of the British Psychological Society and all of our research is reviewed by independent subject matter experts. Our game-based assessments are more predictive and efficient compared to conventional psychometric tests.

Your business is unique. That’s why our in-house team of dedicated occupational and business psychologists work closely with you to create a bespoke algorithm that measures the traits important for your organisation.


Our team of qualified psychologists review evidence across neuroscience and applied psychology to ensure our cognitive tasks are validated and reliably predict personality traits.


Our team of experienced game developers and artists transform the tasks into immersive mobile game-based assessments.


Our game-based assessments are validated using thousands of participants following the strict standards of the British Psychological Society.


Candidates intuitively react to in-game challenges, leaving behind a digital fingerprint of up to 12,000 data points


Big data analytics combine thousands of in-game actions to form meaningful psychological variables.


Individual data is compared to a relevant norm group or employer specific benchmark.

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