Birgit Thedens

Birgit Thedens

Coach. Trainer. Facilitator. Educator.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS, Birgit Thedens works as a coach, trainer and moderator. She is specialized in NLP and the training as NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner.

Birgit Thedens is chairwoman of the dvct - German Association for Coaching and Training, as well as a member of the DVNLP and is involved in both associations for the quality and professionalism of Coaching & Training. In her work as a coach and trainer, Birgit Thedens accompanies her clients with a calm and sensitive manner, as well as with appreciation and a great sense of humor.

Birgit Thedens is a business economist, NLP teacher trainer (DVNLP), systemic business coach and trainer (dvct), certified eTrainer (dvct), as well as integrative Gestalt therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (HPG).

Her attitude: " NLP has become an attitude of life for me, almost a philosophy of life. To meet other people with appreciation, respect and esteem and to be able to convey this linguistically, makes it easier, more successful and above all happier to work together...".

With her work, Birgit Thedens provides impulses for growth, inspirations for personal development, input for personal or professional goals and their implementation, a lot of motivation and successful procedural strategies. The focus is often on how communication can be made more successful and satisfying.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial household, Birgit Thedens offers more than 30 years of experience in all roles of entrepreneurial thinking and acting. Change, growth, success but also setbacks she knows from her own experience.

Birgit Thedens has been self-employed since 1993 as a consultant and trainer for organizational and personnel development, as well as a coach for entrepreneurs, managers, employees and private individuals. Since 1999 she has also been working as a therapist and process facilitator in her own practice.


  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Education of Coaches & Trainers
  • Chairwomen of DVCT
  • NLP Teacher Trainer (DVNLP)
  • Individual Development
  • Team Development
  • Organizational Development
  • German, English

"Always treat yourself to the best of all possibilities!“

- Birgit Thedens -

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