Brigitte Göbel

Brigitte Göbel

Consultant. Change Manager. Trainer.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Brigitte Göbel acts as consultant, change manager and trainer. Due to the profound experience she gathered in the field of internal communication and during different change processes in her own work environment, Brigitte Göbel is very acquainted with the needs and concerns of people involved in change situations.

Her way of working is driven by the vision that individuals can only deploy their full potential, when they feel appreciated and get a certain level of creative freedom at work. While always focusing on company and project objectives, her mayor attention is on open and transparent communication in order to avoid fear and resistance of people in change processes and to achieve enthusiasm, support and contribution for the change.

Brigitte Göbel conducts her trainings in a combination of theoretical input and vivid interaction to grant a sustainable learning and development success for each participant.

Brigitte Göbel is a business school graduate and has studied internal company communication and change management. In addition to that, she is a certified trainer and facilitator. Brigitte Göbel started her professional career in the public relations industry as an account manager for large corporations of different industries.
She gathered her professional experience in the marketing department of a major oil company where she mostly focused on building and developing the brand and being responsible for internal and external communication.
Meanwhile she works freelance as consultant, change manager, trainer and manager ad interim for marketing, PR and change projects. Her profound expertise with change processes enables her to successfully consult and guide companies and individuals through change processes in a target and solution orientated way.


  • Consulting
  • Change Management
  • Change Communication
  • Communication Training
  • Change Management Training
  • Facilitation of Meetings & Change Processes
  • Development of Company Culture, Leadership Vision and Strategy
  • Corporate Communication and Marketing
  • German

"Capital can be acquired, plants can be build, people have to be won.“

- Hans Christoph von Rohr -

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