„Leadership excellence is not a skill,
it´s an attitude.“
Ralph Marson

Business Coaching

Business Coaching.

Lead Myself. Lead Conversations. Lead Others.

Business Coaching by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS...

...guides you from being good to becoming excellent

In a professional business environment peak performance is the key to success. Whether you are an expert, a project manager, product owner, scrum master or a people leader - good is not good enough when excellence can be achieved.

The challenges on your way to peak performance might be

  • Lead Myself
  • Lead Conversations
  • Resolve Conflicts
  • Lead a Team
  • Define Roles
  • Define Goals
  • Develop Vision - Mission - Strategy

Leadership Excellence Coaching by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS...

...fosters Charisma. Performance. Impact.

Management is history. Todays need is Leadership Excellence. CHANGE 4 SUCCESS supports you, to meet the requirements of modern leadership and expand your leadership competencies and soft-skills - especially in regards to agility and emotional performance management.

As a leader you are permanently in the spotlight and are observed by your employees like a star by paparazzi: In your organizational function and also as a person with your individual charisma and appeal.

While having the primary task to be a perfect role model, in parallel, you have multiple functional, strategic and personal challenges to cope with.

In times of permanent change these are e.g.

  • the development of trend-setting visions
  • the convincing communication of targets, significance and benefits
  • the serene and motivating leadership through change situations.
Mindset. Impression. Impact. Charisma Coaching.

Increase Impact & Performance

Impact Impact Impact is the currency of your leadership excellence. In the increasingly agile environment, you best inspire others with your ideas by igniting the spark of enthusiasm, as people are moved by people.

With your individual appeal, you put people on the move. At each presentation, every appearance, every speech, every meeting. Your individual impression determines whether your content will be bought.

The first impression has no second chance

Incidentally the famous first impression is a matter of milliseconds. The ability to instantaneously judge over sympathetic or unsympathetic was a question of survival at former times. Today it is responsible for whether you are or are not accepted as a leader, whether or not you can successfully lead your team through change, whether or not you may climb the career ladder up to the top. For 93% it is your body language that determines whether one accepts or rejects you. The content of your speech merely has an effect of 7%.

Presence & Perfektion in Public. Apperance Coaching

Performance Coaching & Training by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS

In performance impact-coachings and -trainings you professionalize your performance skills and impact. You learn how to use your body language effectfully and to convince your audience with your personality. To do this you will learn the laws of body language as well as the do´s and dont´s of outfit & appearance.

With all the knowledge of the laws of charismatic personal appeal at the same time it is vital to remain authentic as a person, because already thoughts alone may trigger body language. The coaching therefore at the same time significantly strengthens your inner attitude as a person, to authentically and deeply impress as a leader and to charismatically affect your audience.


  • Public Appearance in front of small, large or critical audiences
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Public Discussions
  • Pitch Presentations for Customers
  • Introductions of New Products
  • Employee Meetings
  • Change Situtations a.m.m
Leadership Excellence & Emotional Performance Management

What is leadership excellence?

Leadership excellence primarily comprises skills like change competence, diversity competence and emotional performance management skills: Key qualifications in times of constant change. The expansion of your leadership competencies with these qualifications enables you to confidently lead your employees through change. And most of all it empowers you to consider and observe not only rational but also emotional aspects.

Emotional Performance Management

Leadership in times of constant change is mostly leading with and leading of emotion. For successful change, it is extremely important to accept, respect and integrate the naturally arising fears and resistances. Fear and consequently arising resistance are nothing else than the sequels of unfulfilled needs.  

The essence of emotional performance management is, to recognize these needs, respect and accept them and to confidently integrate them into work and change processes. That reinforces trust, increases motivation and effectively supports the achieving of your company targets.

Topics & issues:

  • Expansion of soft skills like social competence and communicational skills
  • Leading with targets in accordance with company strategy
  • Emotional performance management to increase motivation and efficiency
  • Ability to composedly deal with conflict and difficult conversations
  • Handling of crisis situations with responsibility and vision
  • Development of change competence to securely lead though times of uncertainty
  • Intercultural skills: diversity competence and cultural awareness
  • Individual concepts to develop future leaders

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