„If we want things to stay as they are,
things will have to change."
Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa


Organizational Development

Reinventing Organizations. Empowering People.

The future wins, who shapes it courageously. Transforming the organization to a next level for many companies is fundamental. Agile, resilient, learning organizations are crisis-proof and future-viable. Sustainable organizations have a natural ability to change - changeabilty by nature. It's time to move forward: The new world of work expects change readiness from everyone. And it has a lot more opportunities than you might think. We support you in discovering these opportunities and draw your attention towards potentials. We train the change skills of managers and teams. We accompany you in the transformation and also design change communication upon your request.

Agile Transformation

Agility: Myth? Magic? Trend? None of the above. Agile work is the basis for sustainability. Agile Excellence starts with the inner attitude and promotes a culture of empowerment that is characterized by openness, transparency, strength and future orientation.

From Agile Basics, Agile Leadership and Agile Project Management to training as an Agile Business Coach and Agile Change Manager - we are here for this and more.

Digitale Transformation

Digitization challenges organizations at all levels: structural, personal & technological. Tasks are becoming more complex. The digital transformation and the resulting competition are gaining more & more momentum. Companies that want to achieve their business goals at this pace & stay at the top of their market need highly qualified top performers.

What is needed are qualified employees, agile teams and leaders with strong change skills. Are you prepared for the future to deal with the rapid change in your working environment? Which competencies are important for leadership in the digital age? Digital Leaders need a modern understanding of leadership and tools to manage their relationship with their teams and employees.

Kulturwandel Initiativen

Kulturwandel ist der Erfolgsfaktor in extrem veränderlichen Märkten. Viele Branchen stehen unter besonderem Veränderungsdruck. Wie gelingt es da, an der Spitze des Wettbewerbs zu bleiben? In disruptiven Märkten steht und fällt der dauerhafte Erfolg mit der Fähigkeit, sich an die veränderten Umweltbedingungen anzupassen. Den meisten Unternehmen ist das bekannt. Ebenso welche Gestalt die Organisation in Zukunft haben muss.

Empowerment-Kultur, Prinzip Selbstverantwortung, Chancen, die individuelle Kreativität einzubringen. Mehr Engagement und Motivation. Doch wie gelingt der Wandel? Wie kommen Unternehmen von einer tradierten Unternehmenskultur zum neuen Leitbild? Wie werden Mitarbeiter unterstützt, sich in der veränderten Umwelt zu orientieren? Sie kennen Ihr Ziel. Wir die Wege dorthin. Wir arbeiten mit einem erprobten Mix aus Beratung, Coaching, Moderation und Training.

Autonome Teams

Autonome Teams sind gekennzeichnet durch ein hohes Maß an Selbstorganisation & Selbstverantwortung. Sie arbeiten agil mit Fokus auf den Kunden und gehen souverän um mit Unsicherheit, Leistungsdruck und Erwartungen. Sie fokussieren wertschätzende Zusammenarbeit, den Leistungsgedanken und haben klare gemeinsame Regeln.

Wie lässt sich nun ein selbstorganisiertes Team entwickeln? Welche gruppendynamischen Prozesse sind zu beachten? Welche Tools & Methoden können helfen? Welche Routinen & Regeln sind sinnvoll? Welche nicht? Kann ein autonomes Teams sich selbst entwickeln? Was ist die Rolle der Führung? In der Beantwortung dieser und weiterer Fragen unterstützen wir Sie gern.

Facilitating Leadership

Excellent Facilitating Leadership ist maximale Führungskompetenz: Die richtigen Dinge, richtig, menschlich, agil & zukunftsorientiert tun. Die Basis: ein Agiles Mindset, eine klare Vision, Mut, Zutrauen in die Fähigkeiten anderer und die Kompetenz, im Kontext von NewWork auch auf Distanz erfolgreich zu führen.

Facilitating Leaders halten ihren Teams den Rücken frei und arbeiten vorausschauend & visionär. Sie haben Kulturwandel-Kompetenz und sind Digital Front Runner. Sie wissen, wohin die Reise geht - im Markt und in der eigenen Organisation. Diese Reise pro-aktiv zu gestalten um den Markt mit zu bestimmen - das ist die Kunst.


Resilient Organization.
Learning Organization.
Living Eco System.




Change Kick Off.
Success Stories.



#Disruption #Emotion. #Motivation.

To keep the spirit high throughout the change initiative, managing emotions is also an important part of our work in addition to the process orientation: to maintain motivation, commitment & performance and to help the people in the organization to lift all their potential, psychological security is the key.

To achieve this, we consider every change holistically and with all its implications. Our perspective combines Change Facilitation, Coaching, Emotional Performance Management and Agile Leadership as Holistic Change Concept.

#Integration. #Transformation.

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS supports you in making change initiatives successful and sustainable. Transformation always means

  • breaking up structures
  • letting go of habits
  • reflect & renew attitudes
  • develop values

Rarely, this is easy: fears, resistances & conflicts are part of the program, because change has enormous effects - especially emotional ones.

Reinventing Organizations

Special Expertise:

  • Agile Transformation
  • Digital Transformation
  • Change of corporate culture
  • Foster Diversity & Intercultural Competence
  • Live an open feedback culture
  • Global Leadership Competences
  • Develop a vitale innovation culture
  • Develop Design Thinking Teams
  • Foster networking & transparency
  • Develop a resilient, learning organization (teal organization)
  • Lead virtual & intercultural teams
  • Expand crisis competence
  • Process optimization & outsourcing
  • Consolidation of branches
  • Planning of succession
Empowering People

Agile Fluency. Change Canvas. XLR8. Facilitate Change in 8 Steps

  1. Define goals
  2. Build a guiding coalition
  3. Form vision, strategy and initiatives
  4. Communicate vision & strategy and drum up enthusiasm
  5. Motivate, encourage, empower and enable people to take responsibility
  6. Generate short term wins & celebrate
  7. Sustain acceleration consequently to reach objectives
  8. Monitor results and institute change

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS has the mission, to accompany the 8 steps in change efficiently and effectively and to support your leaders in the implementation. Our expertise is the key to your success. We support you conceptionally and pragmatically - from the first deliberations right up to the evaluation of results. Expect a profound analysis of the present situation, a solid change architecture, a detailed change design, comprehensive consulting, communicational facilitation of the process as well as a thorough evaluation of the results.

Holistic Change Facilitation

What does holistic change mean? Changes have implications for organizations, teams, and each individual employee. Therefore, it is too short to see change management in the light of new processes and organizational structures only. Often the emotional aspects of a change are forgotten or neglected - not least because managers are not prepared enough for the task.

However, the costs of one-sided change management are enormous: Declining employee motivation, resignation, in the worst case the "inner" and possibly the actual termination. Companies pay with loss of know-how, productivity losses and tie up their already narrow capacities with the search for new employees - where just in the change capacities would be needed much more elsewhere.

With the Holistic Change Concept from CHANGE 4 SUCCESS, you can ensure successful change for your company without loss of productivity.

Change management with the executives for the employees. When structures and habitual processes are changed, insecurity and resistance arise. Changes make people afraid - that is natural and inevitable.

Holistic change prepares executives for trusting their employees through the process of change and engaging emotions. A process of change that is successful for all concerned can only be achieved if leaders understand how to respect and respond to fears of fears instead of opposing them.

Fears and resistance are valves of unfulfilled needs. Recognizing these needs, respecting them, and trusting them in change is the goal of Emotional Performance Management. So the change is accepted and supported by all employees.

Focussing Culture & Diversity

Cultural Awareness

Every individual is unique. The accumulated uniqueness of many people comprises inexhaustible potential for growth and company success. Recognizing these potentials and utilizing them comprehensively and effectively is one of the core competencies of modern leadership. 

With diversity management we support you to establish and expand these key qualifications, to create cultural awareness and implement consciousness for the existing diversity in your entire company, especially in your leadership team. To ensure best possible use of all potential hidden in the multiplicity of your staff and clients.

Diversity Management by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS supports you to perceive and appreciate the individual and cultural variety of your staff and clients and effectively use them to enhance your companies' success.

  • How do communicational barriers arise and how do I overcome them?
  • Why are some things quite natural for one and incredible for another?
  • What is special in my culture and therefore strange for others?
  • Where are hidden resources of people and their culture?
  • How can I overcome my biases when I don't know that I have them?

Diversity Competence

  • Amplificate leadership competence on intercultural skills
  • Effective and constructive collaboration of virtual and intercultural teams
  • Utilize culturally based competences of your employees
  • Target-group-specific culturally adequat customer communication in global competition
  • Utilization of intercultural chances for company development
  • Emotional performance management and use of diversity based on cultural awareness
  • Create awareness and mindfulness for unconscious bias 
Change Communication

What characterizes successful change communication? What exactly should it do? How do we communicate clearly and understandably? Which formats are best for what?

How come

  • the right information
  • in the appropriate form
  • at the right time
  • to the right recipient
  • to trigger what action?

Successful communication is key to success, especially in change situations. Our ability to communicate is becoming increasingly important and represents the main component of social and change competence.

We are happy to support you in professionally effectuation the success-relevant factor change communication in your change project.

  • Analysis and reflection of the previous communication behavior
  • Vision of the planned change project
  • Definition of the goals of change communication
  • Analysis of the stakeholders
  • Development of adress-appropriate change communication
  • Definition of formats for communication
  • Clarification of the frequency of change change communication
  • Development of a holistic communication concept
  • Implementation of the defined communication measures
  • Evaluation of Change Communication


„Too many people fail to realize, that real communication goes in both directions."
(Lee Iacocca)


Sustainable organizations need managers and employees who see change as a chance and use their innovation potential for the success of the company. The reality, however, often looks different: fears, resistance and unproductive behavior accompany the change process and make the success of the implementation difficult.

You want to guide your organization safely and successfully through change processes? At the same time you want to keep your employees' performance motivation and innovation at a high level?

With many years of experience, analytical skills, communication skills, people skills and comprehensive know-how, we support you in all phases of your change and are always at your side for the professional planning and implementation of all communicative measures.

Change Facilitation

Facilitation & Event Management by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS turns the events during your change process into sparkling experiences and happenings.

Our team is happy to support you in organizing and facilitating any of your events during your organizational and team development processes. While we plan, structure and facilitate your meetings and events, you can concentrate on your own core topics.

Service Portfolio :

  • Relieving customers of administrative issues relating to event management
  • Booking of required hotel and meeting rooms with relevant conference packages
  • Management of registration, confirmation, travel information
  • Booking of rooms for trainings, meetings, conferences and congresses
  • Organisation of room equipment like flipcharts, pin boards, moderation equipment, etc.
  • Preparation of any other relevant material (note pads, pens, handouts, etc.)
  • Settlement of all required agreements with hotels and event locations

Feedback to you as our client whenever necessary and required by yourself

Situations & Solutions

Event Management is helpful in various situations. Which one is yours?

  • Events during change processes
  • Organisation of strategy meetings
  • Planning and booking of locations for training and team development
  • Event for large and very large groups

You would like to professionally plan and organize the events during your next change process?

We support you with event management in various phases of company development. We organize congresses, conferences, meetings, trainings, large group events and more. So you don´t need to care for any organizational issues, but can concentrate solely on the content.

System Thinking

Systemic Lineup: Efficient analysis and effective solution of complex challenges.

As an analysis tool for professional concerns, lineups are a fast and efficient tool. Constellations can be used for all functions and hierarchy levels.

Especially in complex situations, they help to uncover their many and often hidden causes. This makes it easy to recognize relationships.

Constellations are both rational and emotional, and always solution-oriented and enormously effective.

A systemic lineup should therefore always be part of the change management activities - especially if the solution is not immediately clear.

Systemic assists provide efficient support for complex challenges. Which is yours?

  • Analyze the situation of companies, divisions, teams and individuals in change processes
  • Change perspective and view of customers, distributors, employees and understand their view and needs
  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Analyze strategies and plans for feasibility and prospects of success
  • Discover weaknesses in projects
  • Discover and activate unused resources
  • Make far-reaching decisions with certainty
  • Clarify and strengthen relationships
  • Promote team spirit and cooperation
  • Dissolve conscious conflicts and make unconscious conflicts workable
  • Simulate new procedures
  • Test film projects and production methods for success
  • Increase performance, productivity and profitability
  • Significantly increase success in the team and in the company


What are the benefits of systemic setups?

In a systemic set-up, maximum information can be obtained with a minimum of information. Often, in less than an hour, the hitherto overlooked, yet critical, point of failure is discovered and creative new solutions developed. Systemic inventories are more effective, faster, and more cost-effective than other counseling approaches.

In addition, they can be excellently combined with rational, logical and technical approaches as well as with visionary, emotionally intelligent and intuitive approaches. Reason enough for responsible leaders, pragmatists and realists to recognize the benefits of lineups and use them for the success of their company.

New Placement

Newplacement by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS fördert die Re-Integration von Mitarbeitern in den Arbeitsmarkt.

In Veränderungssituationen ist der Abbau von Stellen oft unvermeidlich. Verantwortungsvolles Vorgehen ist in diesen Situationen für verantwortungsbewusste Arbeitgeber eine ethische und moralische Verpflichtung.

  • Die geplante Veränderung in Ihrem Unternehmen hat einen Personalabbau zur Folge?
  • Sie möchten in dieser Situation Ihre soziale Verantwortung wahrnehmen?
  • Es ist Ihnen wichtig, die betroffenen Mitarbeiter kompetent begleitet zu wissen?

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS unterstützt Sie, Ihrer sozialen Verantwortung gerecht zu werden.

So stellen Sie sicher, dass die Herausforderungen um Entlassungssituationen professionell, fair und einvernehmlich verlaufen. Das unterstützt nachhaltig die Implementierung von Veränderungen, vermeidet langwierige, teure Rechtsstreitigkeiten und bietet die Chance der Positionierung als verantwortungsbewusster Arbeitgeber - auch und besonders in schwierigen Situationen.

Vertrauen Sie auf die Newplacement-Kompetenzen von CHANGE 4 SUCCESS

  • Einfühlsame Aufarbeitung des Arbeitsplatzverlustes
  • Umfassende Potenzialanalyse und Erstellen des individuellen Qualifikationsprofils
  • Persönliche Zieldefinition, Strategieentwicklung und professionelles Bewerbungs-Coaching
  • Unterstützung in der Kontaktaufnahme zu Personalvermittlern und Headhuntern
  • Wirkungsvolle Vorbereitung auf Interviews und Assessment-Center
  • Beratung zur Arbeitsvertragsverhandlung und auf Wunsch Mentoring bis zum Ende der Probezeit

Mit Newplacement by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS unterstützen Sie betroffene Mitarbeiter so wirkungsvoll, dass eine nahtlose Re-Integration in den Arbeitsmarkt gesichert ist. Dies kann in unterschiedlichem Umfang geschehen.

Gruppen-Newplacement: Organisationsveränderungen bringen mit sich, dass ganze Abteilungen geschlossen werden, in größerem Maße Arbeitsplätze entfallen und Mitarbeitergruppen freigesetzt werden. Wir konfektionieren dafür Newplacement-Konzepte, die speziell auf Ihre Situation angepasst sind. Von Auffanggesprächen über Trainings und Workshops zur Weiterqualifizierung der Mitarbeiter bis hin zu Einzel-Newplacement und Coaching.

Einzel-Newplacement ist die intensive individuelle Beratung zur beruflichen Neuorientierung. Sie verbindet Elemente des Coachings und der Karriereberatung und ist inhaltlich angelehnt am Career Coaching Professional. Dabei unterstützen wir Ihre Mitarbeiter, einen neuen beruflichen Weg zu gestalten und begleiten diesen auf Wunsch bis zur erfolgreichen Beendigung der Probezeit.

Managing change successfully from the beginning:
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