Dennis Hoppe

Dennis Hoppe

Business Coach. Consultant. Trainer. Facilitator.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS, Dennis Hoppe is a business coach, trainer and facilitator specializing in communication, facilitation and agile transformation.

Communication psychology, rhetoric, presentation skills and storytelling are as much a focus of his work as personality psychology and social psychology.

It is particularly important to him to support people leaders in such a way that they can excellently fulfill their role as role models and lighthouse at all times and to accompany people in becoming their best possible selves.

Dennis Hoppe has many years of experience as a project manager and people leader as well as profound, long-term experience in facilitation, training and business coaching.

Dennis Hoppe is a journalist and radio presenter. He gained many years of experience at different radio stations in Schleswig-Holstein and Berlin. In addition, Dennis Hoppe is an actor on amateur stages and also works as a training actor.

In addition to his education as an editor and journalist, he completed trainings as an Agile Coach, Agile Change & Transformation Manager, Business Trainer, Business Moderator and Business Coach.

In addition, Dennis Hoppe works as a lecturer for various universities. His philosophy: Rock your Life!


  • Agile Frameworks
  • Business Coaching
  • Communication Training
  • Facilitation of Workshops & Events
  • Organizational Development
  • Team Development
  • Virtual Leadership
  • Virtual Facilitation
  • German, English

"Rock your life!“

- Dennis Hoppe -

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