„It is not that we had very little time, but rather that we lose a lot.“
Lucius Anneus Seneca

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Souverän. Gelassen. Erfolgreich.

Executive Coaching by CHANGE 4 SUCCESS supports you to purposefully expand your leadership competencies, professionalize soft-skills, view situations and challenges from different angles, examine role, values and goals and probably re-define them. That allows you to increase your authenticity, resilience, capacity to act and achieve enduring success with confident composure.

Perspectives. Potentials.

Our executive coaching proposition for the development of your opportunities and potential:

  • Substantial, differentiated feedback and analysis of self-perception vs. public image
  • Reflection of own action and interaction
  • Analysis of communicational habits and definition of strengths and development areas
  • Definition of position, vision and targets
  • Cross-linking of strategy and company-culture
  • Preparation for difficult conversations and negotiations
  • Illumination of your work-life-balance-strategy
  • Onboarding: meet the challenges of taking over a new position
  • Leading with targets and emotional performance management
  • Dealing with inner conflicts
  • Dealing with and overcoming of fears and anxieties
  • Coaching to solve complex decisions

Following flexible settings are feasible for executive coaching:

  • On-the-job  -  coaching in your office or meeting-room
  • On-travel  -   coaching during white-times of your business travel
  • On-the-move  -  coaching by mobile, sms or skype
  • Off-site/off-duty  -  coaching in quiet environment and calm atmosphere without any outside interference

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