Frank Hinrichs

Frank Hinrichs

Executive Consultant, Executive Coach, Trainer, Moderator.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Frank Hinrichs acts as consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator and specialises in Leadership Excellence Training, Change Management and the support of restructuring projects with strong people impact.

Frank has 25 years of practical leadership experience including larger communities and has a proven track record in selection, development and education of future leaders and  supervisors. In that context he has become a much valued trainer, mentor and sparring partner for young leaders.

He has vast practical experience in planning and implementing of organizational restructuring/relocation projects with strong impact on staff and needs for consultation with Works Council. It is of major importance for him, to support leaders in a way enabling them to be both a role model for orientation in turbulent times of change and still remain authentic and true to their values. In the context of change and restructuring projects Frank has built a strong reputation as credible and balanced ‘bridge builder’ always putting the people involved in the center of his focus.

Following his studies in business administration Frank completed a classical and multifaceted career within a large multinational energy company. Throughout numerous positions in the space of mineral oil distribution, renewable energies, customer and sales operations, strategy development, divestment and project management he has stood out due to a strong results and delivery focus.

Through multi-year foreign assignments in Eastern/Western Europe and Latin America he has acquired a strong cross-cultural competence.

Frank is a strong communicator who is able to reach, touch and inspire his audience within his trainings always having a strong practical reference. Throughout his rich career and leadership roles he has completed trainings in the space of leadership excellence, resilience, change management and personal development. His philosophy in life as well as in coaching and consulting: Trust and forge ahead. Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone


  • Business Coaching & Mentoring
  • Change Facilitation
  • Change Communication
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Training & Mentoring
  • Leadership Excellence Consulting
  • Offshoring/Relocation
  • Project Management
  • Relationship Management with Works Council
  • German, English, Spanish
Frank Hinrichs

"Trust and forge ahead! Your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.“

- Frank Hinrichs -

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