Irene Lukas

Irene Lukas

Coach. Trainer. Facilitator.

With CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Irene Lukas operates as Business Coach, Change Manager, Trainer and Facilitator. She consults change initiatives and accompanies their implementation. Her focus lies with digital transformation, cultural change and the development of agile organizations.

Target and solution orientation, determination as well as a highly empathic way of interacting are some of the competencies she uses when she encourages executives and their teams to see every change as a chance for transformation to higher level.

In her role as Coach and Trainer Irene Lukas inspires others with clarity, humor and appreciation. She strives to strengthen people in their personal development when it comes to discovering own resources and increasing potentials for new challenges, roles and development steps.

Her trainings are hands-on, vivid and solution orientated, enabling a change of perspective and understanding in a humorous and playful way.

Irene Lukas majored in sociology (M.A.) having psychology as a minor subject. She is certified systemic business coach, train-the-trainer for change management as well as certified systemic trainer and facilitator.

She gained her proficiency in leadership excellence development and project management in large corporations and medium-sized companies such as the pharmaceutical industry or the manufacturing sector. Leadership Excellence in Change is her focus of interest.


  • Business & Executive Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Systemic Consulting
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Team Development
  • Communication Trainings
  • Intercultural Training & Global Skills
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Leadership Development
  • German, English, Romanian

"Harmonize Your System.“

- Irene Lukas -

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