Kerstin Boll

Kerstin Boll

Communication. Publication. Marketing.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Kerstin Boll acts as co-author, marketing and public relations expert. Openness, transparency and clarity are characterizing her stile. Conceptual texting and publication is her specialty. Focal points of her work are online marketing, public relations and social media activities.

The work of Kerstin Boll not only transports a personal commitment but as well a state of the art marketing understanding. Flowery texts are out, communication at eye level, honesty and benevolence are in. Her motto: clear communiation needs a clear attitude.

Kerstin Boll holds a degree as a qualified business woman with focus on business informatics and is as well a DAPR certified public relations consultant. She has more than 20 years of practical experience and more than 10 years of professional consultancy experience with emphasis on online marketing. Her profound qualification and expertise she gahtered in national as well as international corporations.

Livelong learning and permanent individual development with focus on digital environments characterize her professional career as well as an intense focus on communication.

To inspire people with her texts is her core competency. To regard marketing as a kind of decision coaching is her passion.


  • Communication
  • Text Conception
  • Editing
  • Publication
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management
  • German

"My Motto: Live. Learn. Get excellent.“

- Kerstin Boll -

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