Lisa Weber

Lisa Weber

Coaching. Training. Facilitation. Program Management.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Lisa Weber works as a program manager, consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator. With great empathy and warmth, she always puts people and their concerns at the center of her work. Turning events of any kind into an inspiring experience is her specialty.

Her main activities are the organization and implementation of workshops, seminars and events of all kinds in the context of activities for personnel development, team development and organizational development.

Lisa Weber studied psychology and gained her many years of professional experience in the IT industry, retail and e-commerce, among others, in the areas of HR, recruiting, personnel and organizational development.

She successfully designs target group-specific leadership seminars and change workshops. At the same time, she develops communication strategies to proactively support onboarding, employee qualification and training when introducing digital workplaces with Office 365.

She has successfully led interdisciplinary teams and has extensive experience in change management, project management, program management and quality management. She acquired her wide-ranging qualifications and many years of expertise in both medium-sized companies and corporate groups.

Lifelong learning and consistent personal development characterize her successful career path, as does a high degree of people and service orientation. One of her core competencies is to sustainably inspire and enthuse participants with the events she organizes.


  • Business Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Seminar-Conception
  • Workshop-Facilitation
  • Planning of Meetings and Conferences
  • Organization of Congresses & Trainings
  • Administration of Participant Registration
  • Programm Management
  • German, English

"When you start your journey, the horizon will open up its borders.“

- Lao Tse -

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