Magdalena Dacz

Magdalena Dacz

Business Coach. Consultant. Trainer.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Magdalena Dacz acts as change management consultant, coach, trainer and facilitator. She is a dynamic consultant personality in change projects and supports leaders with business coaching and training.

Her profound qualification and longterm leadership experience in different company cultures and sizes are the fundament for her professional work. Focus of her work are trainings, team developments and workshop facilitation in the course of change projects as well as the pragmatical development of creative solutions in process management.

For Magdalena Dacz a resource and solution oriented approach goes without saying as well as the holistic view on situations with all of their systemic interactions and interdependencies.

As a qualified coach and change manager, Magdalena Dacz specializes in personality psychology as well as communication psychology. Her focus are empathy, appreciation, open and honest dialogues and dynamic cooperation.

Magdalena Dacz holds a diploma in economical geographics. Focus of her studies were city and regional development, tourism management and migration. In addition to that, she successfully completed further developments for business coaching and change management.

Magdalena Dacz started her professional career as a department leader in an international fashion corporation where she gathered comprehensive leadership experience. She successfully lead interdisciplinary teams and has extensive experience in logistics, process management and quality management.

For her it is important and self-evident to put people with their individual needs in the center of her attention and work. Fundamental for that for here are trust and transparency.


  • Business Coaching
  • Change Management
  • Communication Training
  • Intercultural Training & Global Skills
  • Leadership Training
  • Mediation
  • Moderation & Facilitation
  • Project & Process Management
  • Team Coaching & Team Development
  • German, English, Polish

"The good example is not one possibility to influence people, it is the only one!“

- Albert Schweitzer -

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