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How much motivation, productivity and resource costs an unsolved conflict? In any case more than its resolution!

Everone knows conflicts, no one likes them. So potentially we try to avoid them. Change situations hold additional potential for conflicts. Especially, when feelings are hurt, people often don't have the ability to constructively communicate with their conflict partner to find solutions. The consequence is avoidance, aggravation, escalation. By now it is definitely important, to not only find solutions, but first look for cause, source and background of the conflict, to find and establish solutions that are effective and enduring: solutions, that last longer than the meeting in which they have been developed.

We support the resolution of your conflicts with methodical competence, structure the communication and are a sympathetic, multipartial partner for all conflict parties. So you keep up motivation and performance and avoid cost for long legal actions.

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS mediation competencies

  • Business mediation
  • Intercultural mediation
  • Mediation in company internal contexts
Mediation: Objectives and Benefits
What are objectives and benefits of mediation?

Objection of mediation is the resolution of confflict – consensually by alternating exchange on conflict background and with a binding, future-oriented agreement of the parties. It is not about clarification of questions of guilt. Mediation is no backwards-oriented process, but future-oriented. It is not about change in behaviour of the mediation-participants, but about the finding of a lasting sustainable binding solution. 

Mediation offers clarification and resolution of conflicts and as that the opportunity, to find mutual and especially extra-judicial settlements. That allows exclusion of the public and secures privacy, avoids long-lasting lawsuits and the concomitant high costs.

What are the requirements for conducting a mediation?

  • Voluntariness: The crucial basic of a mediation. All parties including the mediation may end the mediation at any time.
  • Discreetness: The mediator does not comment on any proceedings outside the mediation.
  • Openness of results: For a mediation it is of major importance, that all parties join the process open-mindedly, unbiased and ready to negotiate.
  • Mulipartiality: The mediator leads the mediation multi-patially. That means, he stands on the side of each of the parties. This attitude means much more than just neutrality.
  • Contentual neutrality: It does not comprise the position of the mediation towards the conflicting parties. A potential imbalance in power is balanced by the mediatior by temporarily acting as the voice of the communicationally inferior party.
Mediation & Insurance | Conflic Cost Study | Conflict Cost Calculator
The costs for a mediation are nowadays oft taken over by legal cost insurances. A relevant study is provided here:
Study "Mediation and Legal-Cost-Insurance"

And what does an unsolved conflict cost?
This question is answered by the KPMG-study from 2012, which is provided here:
To calculate your own potential cost of conflict, we are providing a link to the conflict-cost-calculator, which is free-of-charge:

Secure productivity, performance, motivation and joy of life for yourself, your teams and your company and resolve conflicts as soon, as you recognize them. We are happy to support you.

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