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Dynamic. Empathetic. Systematic.

You would like to concentrate on the content of your events rather than on the conduction? We are happy to support you with the moderation of workshops, change and group processes and to professionally, dynamically and systematically conduct major events for you.

In change processes, that reduces potential conflict and increases motivation and performance of your teams. In workshops and events, you gain time and comfort, to concentrate on your essential topics rather than on the process.

As facilitators we know about and respect the processes of group-dynamics, have a feeling for comlex situations, a sensitive perception for people and most of all a clear view on subject and structure of the moderation. We are focusing the objectives, even though there might be turbulences during the course of the event.

Our moderation competencies enable us to uncover potential, reveal concealed subjects, act appreciatively and adequately to keep everyone on task.

Formats for small and medium groups:

Formats for small and medium groups are:

  • Meeting Facilitation
  • World Café
  • Future Workshop
We do offer our moderation competence for onetime events as well as for facilitating processes in company change. That examplarily comprises the following events:
  • Facilitation of team-meetings
  • Resolution of team-conflicts
  • Conduction of management-meetings
  • Strategy-Workshops
  • Initiation and facilitation of change-processes
  • Re-structuring of departments/divisions
  • Moderation of conflicts
  • Outdoor-Events and Incentives
  • Major Group Conferences


Formats for major group conferences:

Major group conferences are especially helpful, to enable comprehensive change within a company. They are closing a methodical gap between workshop and plenary session and bring people with diverse attitudes and perspectives together and in dialogue. Groups from 10 to 1000 people can work simoultaneously disregarding division, functions and hirarchies.

For major group conferences we provide following formats:

  • Open Space
  • Future Conference
  • RTSC-Conference - Real Time Strategic Change
  • AI - Appreciative Inquiry Summit

Major group conferences allow

  • intense activation of the participants
  • release of enormous energies and potentials
  • commitment of all participants for the developed and agreed results and solutions
  • back up for the initiatet change processes

Therefore, major group conferences are ideal for

  • developing innovative ideas, strategies and objectives
  • joined development of visions
  • attuning employees to change
  • mergers of company divisions


Major group conferences require special interventions, particular attention, competent and creative conception and wide experience of the moderator. All that we are happy to provide.

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