„If you can dream it, you can do it!“  
Walt Disney



Individual. Ressource. Solution.

According to humanistic psychology, the individual surrounded by two main thoughts is our focus:

Each individual contains the solutions for it´s lifes challenges.

Each individual has the ressource to discover, develop and successfully change.

Your successful development is our mission. The individual talents & potentials, characteristics and possibilities of your personality, your team or your organization are the basis of our work. Situationally, it is accompanied by a variety of models and methods.

Organizational psychology, personality psychology, communication psychology and emotion psychology play just as important a role as a healthy dose of humor.

We are observing closely. We listen intensively. We reflect views and feelings. We mirror behavior, attitude and effect. We encourage a change of perspective. We ask appreciative benevolent uncomfortable questions. Lots.

This enables an intensive self-perception of personality, team, organization, as well as, as a consequence, their sustainable development for the future.

Perspectives für Personalities. Teams. Organizations.


Partner. Propositions. Principles.

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS means high quality of service. For this we repeatedly received the TOP CONSULTANT Award. In order to ensure this high quality for you, consistent training, regular intervision and collegial advice on quality assurance are a matter of course for us.

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS is a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF), the International Coach Federation (ICF), the German Association for Coaching & Training, the German Association of Coaching and the Federal Association of Mediation and is committed to the qualitative and ethical principles of the associations. In addition, we are partners in the BVMW, the federal association of medium-sized businesses, work as volunteers for the German Foundation for Mediation and are members of the DACH Organization for Positive Psychology.

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS is a signatory to the CHARTA OF DIVERSITY: A corporate initiative backed by the Federal Government to promote appreciation, recognition and inclusion of multiplicity through diversity management.

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