„We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don´t do."  



Change Management. Coaching. Training. Mediation.

The Portfolio of CHANGE 4 SUCCESS is specifically designed to guide organizations, teams and individuals through change - empathetic, efficient, unique, successful. Organizational Development, Team Development, Individual Development: We are looking forward to supporting you!

The focus of our work is agile organizational development, digital transformation, support for cultural change initiatives, future work, self-organized teams, team development, leadership excellence, workshop moderation, conflict mediation, coaching and training.


Agile Organization.
Digital Transformation.
Cultural Change.
Reinventing Organizations.


Business Coaching.
Leadership Coaching.
Executive Coaching.
Life & Career Coaching.


Agile & Classic.
Meetings & Workshops.
Congresses & Conferences.
Groups of all sizes.


Agile Development.
Global Competences.
Individual Training.


Conflict Resolution.
Between Individuals.
In Teams & Groups.
Business Mediation.


Team Building
Team Coaching.
Team Development.
Team Resource Management.

The attitude is essential for successful change. We always work emphatically - appreciatively - in partnership - at eye level as well as in the spirit of the Agile Manifesto, the Agile Mindset and the Agile Values. Humorous. Trusting. Effective.

The approach is characterized by a holistic perspective and a view of all emerging systemic interactions. Our focus is on the uniqueness of the individual, the existing potential and the added value of diversity.

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