„We are not only responsible for what we do, but also for what we don´t do."  



Change Management. Coaching. Training. Mediation.

The Portfolio of CHANGE 4 SUCCESS is specifically designed to guide organizations, teams and individuals through change - empathetic, efficient, unique, successful. Organizational Development, Team Development, Individual Development: We are looking forward to supporting you!

The focus of our work is agile organizational development, digital transformation, support for cultural change initiatives, future work, self-organized teams, team development, leadership excellence, workshop moderation, conflict mediation, coaching and training.


Organizational Development. Team Development. Personal Development.


Agile & Digital Organization.
OKR. Scrum. Kanban. Lean.
Cultural Change.
Reinventing Organizations.


Team Building
Team Coaching.
Team Development.
Team Resource Management.


Executive. People Leader.
Project Lead. Product Owner.
Scrum Master. Expert.
Mindset. Skillset. Toolset.

Methodology & Frameworks

Moderation. Mediation. Training. Coaching.


Agile & Classic.
Meetings & Workshops.
Congresses & Conferences.
Groups of all sizes.


Conflict Resolution.
Between Individuals.
In Teams & Groups.
Business Mediation.


Agile Development.
Global Competences.
Individual Training.


Business Coaching.
Leadership Coaching.
Executive Coaching.
Life & Career Blending.

The attitude is essential for successful change. We always work emphatically - appreciatively - in partnership - at eye level as well as in the spirit of the Agile Manifesto, the Agile Mindset and the Agile Values. Humorous. Trusting. Effective.

The approach is characterized by a holistic perspective and a view of all emerging systemic interactions. Our focus is on the uniqueness of the individual, the existing potential and the added value of diversity.

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