„I do not only want to appeal to your mind. I want to win your hearts."
Mahatma Ghandi

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Change is an immense challenge, especially for a team and often the processes of group dynamics play tricks on successful transition.

Using diversity and creativity of your teams for effective transformation, we support you in developing joined solutions that in parallel also secure enduring high team performance. Change without frictional losses.

CHANGE 4 SUCCESS unfolds the potential of your teams with Team Coaching e.g. in following contexts:

  • Build up and lead virtual teams
  • Lead intercultural teams by benefits of diversity
  • Reflection & optimization of teamwork
  • New leadership meets existing team
  • Integrative communication of team and group targets
  • Dynamic role definition of team members
  • Sympathetic supervision of structural or contentual changes
  • Professional resolution of team conflicts
  • Increase of staff motivation, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Consolidation of teams/branches

When demotivation, frustration, subdued mood and insufficient performance are daily team-routine, Team Coaching helps to

  • promote mutual understanding & reveal hidden potential
  • respect individuality & integrate individual strengths
  • create mutual apprehension for the uniqueness of the individual
  • train flexibility in cooperation
  • find agreements for the future, that enable achievement of targets
  • recognize company objectives as fundamental for team work
  • adjust individual targets & team targets to company objetives
  • design and set transparent, comprehendable & achievable goals
  • increase team spirit & motivation
  • restore wellbeing

Prior to a Team Coaching, it is imperative to take the view of the change manager and of the coach to clarify the follwing questions:

  • Do single team members need individual support?
  • Is individual development for the leader required?
  • Is team coaching the suitable approch or rather team building?

For further activities of building and developing teams please visit: Teambuilding.

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