„You need to collaborate with the right people, respect and motivate them. Enduring success is only possible as a team.“
Klaus Steilmann

Teambuilding Onshore

Teambuilding Onshore

Performance motivation by activation

A team is not necessarily more productiv than the sum of its parts. The utilization of synergies from joining diverse competencies and relevantly sharing tasks is frequently prevented by frictional losses. Change processes often additionally contribute to that. To swiftly achieve synergies in teamwork, systematic team development is useful and beneficial - especially in change situations. To help a team become more than the sum of its parts.


When your objectives are to

  • improve team identity
  • effciently define processes
  • eliminate conflicts & overcome barriers
  • define targets, strategies and rules
  • professionalize communication
  • increase motivation and performance
then we gladly support you in these change plans. Practise-oriented, solution-oriented and experience-oriented - and always as unique as your team and situation are. With a broad range of methodologies and diverse forms of realization.

Besides a team development on your premises, we do offer several further formats, styles and locations for team building and team development activities.

Formats for a team development

  • calssical in a seminar-hotel
  • on a vineyard accompanied by a croquet-seminar
  • as outdoor-event
  • in a beach-hotel with integrated beach-olympics
  • in the course of a city-rallye
  • with geo-caching
  • as horse-assisted outdoor-training
Team Development Horse-Assisted

This team training with horses offers an unusual frame and fun for the development of your team culture. The natural surroundings and relaxed outdoor atmosphere promote the openness in your team and open up new perspectives on the occupational everyday life. This succeeds by horses as a feedback giver who cannot be impressed by appearance and clothes. Horses only react to charisma, body language and authenticity - and this very directly and honestly - without mask and role plays.

Experience a team training with an exceptional medium, a method oriented to experience and qualified, experienced trainers. Experiences in dealing with horses are not necessary. The horses are not ridden, all exercises take place face-to-face with the horses, on the ground. The training begins with an approach to the horses, to create a trusting atmosphere. Then single exercises and team exercises with a different focus will follow. This will be co-ordinated on the situation and objective of your team. The team receives a direct feedback from the horses and can immediately test action alternatives. The focus in the horse-supported training lies on the one hand on observable behavior of each participant as well as on the understanding among each other.

When your objective is to

  • improve team identity
  • increase trust
  • define processes efficiently
  • clear conflicts and overcome obstacles
  • support clarity - determination – calmness
  • develop strategies and rules together
  • improve communication
  • increase motivation and performance

then we are ready support you: practically, pragmatically, solution-oriented and experience-activating - and always as unique as your individual team situation is.


Horse assisted team trainings expand and enhance:

  • team spirit
  • responsibility
  • empathy
  • aim orientation
  • mental presence
  • mindfulness
  • estimation
  • teamwork on eye-level


Methods & Methodologies:

  • Theory input
  • Practical single exercises and team exercises with horses
  • Four-perspective feedback (horse – self – others – trainer)
  • Escorted selfreflection, exchange of views
  • Transfer security by a clear goal definition
  • optionally: Video and evaluation

Back to the roots: this outdoor-team training with horses is exciting and high-quality-time out of the everyday life and off of your fast-moving professional life.

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