„No one can whistle a symphony. 
It takes an orchestra to play it.“
Halford E. Luccock


Team Development

Team Building. Team Coaching. Team Development.

Team-Building - Team-Coaching - Team-Development - leads your Team to Peak Performance.

A team at first is a group of individuals, who are together by coincidence to achieve a shared objective. Especially in change situations, this gets obvious. Before a group becomes a team that performs productively, is target- and results-oriented and uses its synergies, the laws of group dynamics apply. To achieve successful teamwork and let the teams' diversity and creativity allow harmonic cooperation, motivating teambuilding is useful and beneficial. It is important to recognize personalities, clarify roles, deal with dysfunctions and lay the foundations for high performance: trust and psychological safety. Elements from crew resource management and human factors training support the path to becoming a high-reliability team.




Crisis Competence

On Shore

Horse Assisted.

Off Shore

Alster. Elbe.
Baltic Sea.
Sailing Assisted.

Wenn you deem it significant to....

  • form a bunch of lone fighters to a high-performance team
  • jointly develop strategies, objectives and work-steps
  • define requirements for development and necessary development steps
  • create a well-working team from a quarreling bunch of people
  • invigorate merged teams in their culture and identity
  • accompany teams after satisfaction surveys in the development-oriented reflexion of the results
  • integrate subsequent action-plans into the daily team-routine

...then CHANGE 4 SUCCESS is gladly here to support you.

We are working situationally adequate and multipartially for the whole team - and with real subjects and issues and not in team-theory. The practise-related work and the reflection of group-phenomena sustainably supports the development of solutions and clarifies processes.

Our offers, competencies and methods for the development of high performance teams:

  • Integrative supervision of group processes
  • Ludic experience of group forces and dynamics
  • Experience-activating methods by Schulz von Thun
  • Personality profiles with MDI Insights or Reiss-Profile
  • Teamprofile by Belbin
  • Motiv-Analysis with Moving Motivators
  • Seven success criteria for high performance teams
  • Strategies for motivation and performance increase
  • Conjunction of set targets with challenges of the participants daily work
  • Combination of theoretical input and elements of practical relevance
  • Moulding of group processes into a lasting group experience
  • Inspiring teambuilding concepts for indoor and outdoor
  • Horse assisted training: Learning with head, hand & heart
  • Sailing assisted training: Teamspirit build at sea

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