„Women today don´t wait for miracles - they orchestrate their miracles themselves."
Katharine Hepburn



Feminine. Familiar. Focused.

Coaching Woman2Woman: Women in today's world are frequently confronted with several extra challenges. In business, it is important to succeed in a mans world. In parallel, job and familiy need to be equally cared for. That leads to conflicts and often even into burn-out.

Are you often stretching to please everybodys needs? When is the time where you can just be yourself, just be? How often do your needs and feelings go unnoticed?

When you are eager to rediscover and reactivate your ease, your peace of mind and your hidden resource and are looking for professional support, we are happy to accompany you. We support you in discovering ways to fulfil your challenges with ease and serenity while at the same time finding sufficient time for your individual needs.

At CHANGE 4 SUCCESS the female coaches focus also on female topcis in

Coaching Woman2Woman:

  • Women in a male business environment
  • Dealing with stress and conflict
  • Stuck between the priorities of job and familiy
  • Job come-back
  • Self esteem work
  • Time- and self-management
  • Examination of your work-life-balance-strategy
  • Burn-out-prevention

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