Gabriele Sirtl

Gabriele Sirtl

Coaching. Training. Facilitation.

For CHANGE 4 SUCCESS Gabriele Sirtl works as a consultant, coach, trainer, facilitator, team and organizational developer. With great empathy and warmth, she always puts people and their concerns at the center of her work.

Gabriele Sirtl studied corporate prevention and health management. The topics of resilience & health are her focus: both the physical and mental health of the individual as well as the health of the company. Health is the fundament for performance and success. Organizations are particularly efficient and successful when they provide resilience-promoting structures at the levels individual-team-organization.

Gabriele Sirtl gained this conviction during her many years of professional experience in the tourism and aviation industries - in the areas of operations, purchasing, leadership, human resources and organizational development. She has worked for corporate groups and medium-sized companies and lived abroad for several years - in Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, among other places. Thus, in addition to far-reaching qualifications and many years of expertise, she also gained a high level of social and intercultural competence.

Gabriele Sirtl completed various further training courses, including business facilitator, business coach, life coach and agile coach. She always faces change and the associated challenges with optimism and a focus on opportunities.

Lifelong learning and consistent personal development characterize her successful career path, as does a high level of people and service orientation. Making workshops and trainings an inspiring and informative experience for the participants is her focus. Her favorite topics in coaching are all those dealing with the development of mental strength in general and in change situations in particular.


  • Business Coaching
  • Health Management
  • Mindfulness & Resilience
  • Facilitation
  • Training
  • People Development
  • Team Development
  • Organizational Development
  • German, English
Gabriele Sirtl

"When you start your journey, the horizon will open up its borders.“

- Lao Tse -

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