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Development of Individual - Team - Organization is our focus. Our method of operation:
Emotional. Rational. Humorous. Effective.
Inspiring. Refreshing. Agile. Different.


Organizational Development. Team Development. Personal Development.


Agile & Digital Organization.
OKR. Scrum. Kanban. Lean.
Cultural Change.
Reinventing Organizations.


Team Building
Team Coaching.
Team Development.
Team Resource Management.


Executive. People Leader.
Project Lead. Product Owner.
Scrum Master. Expert.
Mindset. Skillset. Toolset.

Methodology & Frameworks

Moderation. Mediation. Training. Coaching.


Agile & Classic.
Meetings & Workshops.
Congresses & Conferences.
Groups of all sizes.


Conflict Resolution.
Between Individuals.
In Teams & Groups.
Business Mediation.


Agile Development.
Global Competences.
Individual Training.


Business Coaching.
Leadership Coaching.
Executive Coaching.
Life & Career Blending.


as the key to success is as old as mankind - and at the same time as relevant as never before. Everything changes: markets, cultures, people - every one of us.


The chances in change are immense and likewise challenging: transformation creates emotions - always.


To wisely pick up these emotions and appreciatively navigate them is the core task. In competiton this is the major advantage. Change happens - anytime and anywhere.


Reinventing Organizations.
Empowering People.
Welcome to


Our Expertise

Organizational Development, Team Development, Individual Development

Your future viability is our focus

Innovative strength, crisis resistance, mutability are core elements. Agile & digital transformation, cultural change and change readiness are topics. Our team consists of change and leadership experts with profound psychological expertise and many years of leadership experience: each of us brings top management expertise to global corporations. From many years of personal experience, we know that change offers opportunities. Lots. We focus precisely on these to use change for you as what it is: PERSPECTIVES FOR PERSONALITIES

Trust us to care for your change with

  • 1600+ years of life experience
  • 800+ years of leadership experience in top management 
  • 400+ years of experience in change, coaching & training
  • countless successful cultural change and change initiatives
  • profound practice-relevant scientific expertise
  • comprehensive technical and methodical competence
  • empathy, cordiality and a healthy dose of humor
  • intense passion for change and development
Our working languages are German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese, Polish, Romanian and Russian.
Our first class references of well-known national and international companies we are happy to present in a personal conversation.
For our performance we have received several awards - including the Top Consultant Award.

The change workshop was very well structured and had the right amount of content. It was super practical, interesting, varied and value-added. Many thanks, dear Irene! We are looking forward to the further accompaniment!

Philipp Lehmann
Philipp Lehmann, Airbus, Hamburg

Thank you for accompanying our cultural change initiative. The spirit in our teams has changed enormously positive! Simply great! Thank you for making this possible! You are great!


The dysfunction check has made many things transparent in our team. The subsequent team day brought us closer together. A great workshop with lots of content and good results. Thanks to Ira and her team! We are looking forward to the further support!

Lutz Grolle
Lutz Grolle, Airbus, Hamburg

During more than 20 years of leadership, I rarely had such a challenging and refreshing seminar! Thank you very much indeed for the uLEAD-Training.

L. Illing
L.Illing, OTTO GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg

Thank you so much for this great seminar „Increase resilience and cope with stress“. It was the best seminar I ever had and you were the best coach. I am extremely happy! :-)

A. Treugebrodt
A. Treugebrodt, Lidl DL, Neckarsulm
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